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2003-09-06 - 9:51 p.m.
I am fucking tiiiiiiiiiiired! We went to my grandmas today, and my mom got me up at 5:00am! Gahh! Apparently we just HAD to be at my grandmas early because my aunt wanted to go to St. Jacobs market in Waterloo, and we had to get there early because it's busy. So yeah we left the house around 5:45, and got to my grandmas shortly after 7:00. Also, I hardly got ANY sleep last night for some reason. So I watched a bit of Leno, he was interviewing Conan O'Brien. Then after I watched a bit of Conan O'Brien.

I wasted my money today. I bought a giant box of Jelly Bellys and a giant bag of Campinos. Plus I bought a bunch of old Archie comics at some antique place for a dollar each. AND my aunt bought me some fudge. Some oreo stuff and some peanut butter stuff.

Ah shiiit. I have my "date" tomorrow. Agh! WHY did I agree to this, and WHY did I ever put that stupid ad on yahoo personals?? I just hope this guy isn't a creep and tries to put the moves on me, or else he'll be carrying his balls home in a paper bag.

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