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2003-09-05 - 3:02 p.m.
Yahoo! It's the weekend. I was so busy at work today it's not even funny, and when it's busy I get stressed.

So here is what I have planned for the weekend. Tomorrow mom and I are going to my grandmas house to go to bingo. We're also going to some market thing.

Sunday....I have a date. Fuck! Ok, I dunno if I should go through with it or not. I don't know him that well. He's someone who responded to a personal ad I put on Yahoo personals. We're supposed to be meeting at the bus terminal at 1:00 and going to Tim Hortons. But I'm nervous as hell!! I met him off the internet! I don't know much about him except his name is Derek and he's around my age.Arrgh. I'm probably gonna chicken out. Bahh! He's online right now.

Ok CALM DOWN!! My brother and my dad are going to the cottage today, after my bro gets off of work. Mom and I are ordering pizza. Yummy pizzaaaaa.

Eeeeeek! My mom ordered me the first season of Alias on DVD from Chapters. Whoohoo!

Nervous about Sundayyy!!

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