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2003-09-02 - 6:36 p.m.
Ok, now here's the real entry! Sorry about that last one, I needed to vent! SORRY I'M NOT INTO 64 YEAR OLD MEN!

Ho hum! Well it was back to work for me today. Surprisingly nothing bad happened. My idiot boss bought a new hot plate because the other one was a piece of SHIT. It's the exact same type as the other one. So I made tomato soup and bologna sandwiches for the kids today. Nothing much has changed at the daycare. All the same people are working there, and there are a couple new kids. But the name of the daycare is gonna be changing it's name soon. It's currently called Special Kidz Daycare. Which is kinda misleading because everyone thinks its a daycare for special needs kids. It's not.

The buses are fucked up. All the routes have changed. I usually transfer to the Painswick bus to go to work, but I found out today that it doesn't exist anymore. It is now Young/Mapleview. BARF!

Hmmm.....did anyone watch Paradise Hotel last night?? It was so awesome. A bunch of the old hotel guests came back, and told everyone what was going on behind their backs! Genius! So now, some of the guests are at war with each other, and Charla is being a whiny baby and spent the whole episode crying in the bathroom with Tara calling them all meanies. HA! It ain't over yet, because TONI is supposed to come back too. That's tomorrow night.

Sweet. I'm tired now, gonna watch TV or something.

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