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2003-09-02 - 4:06 p.m.
Hmm! Crazy old fucks part TWO. Remember yesterday how I said I've been getting the creepy emails from the 64 year old on the personal site? Well last night I responded and politely told him AGAIN that I am NOT interested. Today I check my email and I see THIS reply from him.

Wait, first this is what I told him in the email.

Henry (tony?),

Thank you for writing back. You seem like a very nice man, but as I have mentioned before, it is the age difference that bothers me. I was looking for someone my OWN age, as mentioned in my profile. I am old

enough to be your daughter. I would still like to be friends with you if that's alright.


Ok, now here is his response

Sweet Malissa,

I'm happy you see it my way. I know I could be a good friend to you. As a

matter of fact if you ever dare to come within ten feet of my family

you would be in danger of being adopted. One of the greatest joys in my life would be if I ever heard the word popa or dad coming from you towards me. So let's work on becoming fast friends. I promise that I can share many interesting, wonderful and useful things with you. Things that are very precious to me and have served me well. I'll always try to be there for you, not because I have to but because I want you be. I will not try to change you except to help you become more of what you want to be, and I do now and always will accept you as you are. Even now I see some precious qualities in you, but also some struggles. For instance by your own admission you are somewhat shy. This is because you haven't yet realized just how great you are and therefore still don't have the confidence in yourself that time will

offer you. I will take it upon myself to make sure you take it when it's

offered. I must warn you of another thing. You are in danger of receiving

unconditional love from me. Someday I'll explain why when we talk face

to face. We don't live that far apart that we can't plan on it. Think pn

this in the mean time. According to research done at the University of

Colorado, we can all increase the amount of our success by at least a third. I intend to share with you how to do that. So keep well and see yourself as I see you right now by accepting this poem as a view of you- a look into our soul. It was originally written in German and I'll write it to you as such. But don't

worry I'll also translate ir for you.

Du bist wie eine blume,

So holt und schon und rhein.

Ich shau dich an und wehmuth,

Schleicht mir ins hertz hinein.

Mir ist als ob ich die hande,

Aufs haupt dir legen solt.

Bettend das Gott dich erhalte,

So rhein und schon und holt.

- Gotte.

Thou art like a lovely flowret,

So void of guile thou art.

I gaze upon thy beauty,

And grief steals o'er my heart.

I fain would lay devoutly,

My hand upon thy brow.

Praying that God should keep thee,

As good and fair as now.

-Henry Wardswoth Longfelow.

Sleep well my beauty,


P.S. Send my some photos of youself. You are beautiful.

ARRGH! Did I not make myself CLEAR in my last email that I want NOTHING to do with this???? Fuck! Why can't you understand that!!! And HOW corny was that email, I mean SERIOUSLY! I AM NOT INTERESTED, FIND SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE!

*sigh* Another entry will come later, I just needed to vent about this perverted asshole.

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