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2003-09-01 - 8:29 p.m.
Ok, what is it about me that attracts the fucked up weirdos?? As an act of desperation to find somebody, I made a personal ad on I got my first reply today! Good right? Well not really, you see the person who replied is 64 YEARS OLD. I specifically mentioned in my ad that I was looking for someone my OWN age. Anyway, here is the email exchange between me and him. This is the first one I got from him.


This is to say hello. You can look up my profile and see what I" about.

According to the service, we're supposed to get along. However, what do

they know? I've found human nature to be interesting. You know, there

are some people when you get near them they give you the creeps and

there's others you feel you've known all your life and liked. So at this

time I feel there's no way we can know unless we're both willing to take

a chance and actually talk. I've found this service to be sneaky in

controlling the participants (probably so they can make more money). So

they won't allow us to send each other our email numbers. Unfortunately

for them they are dealing with an electronic engineer/programmer. So in

order to get my address to you, I've had to disguise it. My address is

"antonn" at "". When you get this note, remove the quotation

marks and change the word at to the symbol "@" and you will reach me.

Please at least let me know whether we can talk or not. Even a dog deserves

an answer although it may just be a kick in the head. Make sure you

give me the name you use on the service so I can see whom I'm talking to.

As you have probably been notified, mine is alotof5_A


Tony (alotof5_A)

P.S. It's not a mistake the service is eol not aol - echo on line."

After that I checked his profile and saw that he is 64, and looks like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. So I replied with this:

"Hi Tony,

Thank you very much for the email. You seem very interesting, however there seems to be quite a large

age difference between us. I am only 20 years

old, aren't I a little young for you? You can check out my profile here:


THEN he sent me a response that goes like this:

"Dearest Malissa, your profile says the you love trying new things. Well

here is your chance. You also don't think that the traditional gender roles are valid, well that means the age difference should also be set aside so such difference should not be counted against a man. Instead you value other characteristics more. Well I have learned kindness, the ability to make others laugh and the capacity to live life to the fullest. I deceide to go the internet route not because I'm bored or lonely but because I think the greatest adventure in life is meeting new people and sharing their lives so that we learn to care and enjoy one another. You said that sometimes you are a little shy and quiet. Well the shyness is

guaranteed to pass as a relationship develops. And the quietness shows

you are worth much as a friend because such a quality is what make you a

considerate and caring. Our interests are very similar. You are interested in computers - I am both an electronic technician and have learned some prgraming at school so you we would enjoy working out any challenges you come across. You like dining out - it would be my aim to take you out and introduce you to fine dining. We could see movies together that we think are worth it. I could share

withyou some of the books I have found of value. I too have an extensive

movie library we could share. And we could see part of Canada together. (I'm not promiing but I might even take you when on my next trip to Brittain and Africa. So you see we have a great potential in one another. Please don't waste it. Contact me again at the email address you have and send me your phone number and some photos and let's start a friendship right away.

Tony (My middle name)

P.S. I think you are beautiful in body and soul."

Stupid FUCKER. leave my phone number, yeah right. Arrgh. So I have replied back politely saying I am not interested and that he should find someone his OWN age.


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