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2003-08-26 - 6:50 p.m.
I'm tired and bored.

So yesterday mom and I took all three animals to the vet. Just getting the cats into their crates was a workout! My cat Fluffy decided to hide under my parents bed. I tried grabbing her but she kept backing away. Mom got pissed at me and started yelling at me for no reason. So I just told her to go to hell and walked out of the room, leaving HER to get my cat out. Sweet.

My cat Fluffy didn't piss herself on the way there. No, she decided to save it for when we were going home. She also has an eye infection and needs medication three times a day. She also weighs over 14lbs!

The other cat Buddy is completely fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with him. The only thing he did was growl at the vet!

Sheena is doing alright. We found out that in addition to being completely deaf, she is now blind in her right eye. Awwww. She's 14 years old though, so it's normal I guess. She's in so much pain right now. She got her usual needles yesterday and today she can hardly walk from being in so much pain. :(

Yeah uh.....nothing else going on. Mom was supposed to go over to her friends house for lunch, but her friend is in alot of pain.

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