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2003-08-24 - 11:27 a.m.
I'm so tired. Yesterday was my cousins wedding. It was alright. A wedding is a wedding, they're all boring to me. The actual ceremony was only 15 minutes! After that we all went downtown by the water front for pictures. We just stood around doing nothing while Jeff and Fat Ass got their pics done.

So after the boring pictures mom, dad, Chris, and I went home for a few minutes so mom and I could change our shoes, and so I could get some ID so I could drink at the reception. lol. The reception turned out ok. I was stuck sitting at a table with my slutty pregnant cousin Amanda, her boyfriend, my aunt Heidi, my uncle Bob, and their son Jake. NO not THAT Uncle Bob. lol! MY uncle Bob looks like he hasn't visited a dentist in 10 years *shudder*

I found out that I can hold my liquor very well. hehehe! When I got their I had a glass of cherry whiskey and coke. The idiot bartender didn't understand what I wanted! I told her and she just thought I wanted a straight shot of whiskey. I told her I wanted coke with it, and she gave me a confused look as she was pouring it in. Anyway it tasted good! At supper I had about 5 or 6 glasses of wine. One glass of red and the rest white. Now I've decided that I like white wine. Anyway, I didn't even FEEL drunk! My face felt a little hot but that was it. I didn't puke or anything!

Today is going to be very boring. I'll probably watch some movies or something.

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