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2003-08-11 - 12:02 p.m.
I'm back from California! We got back Saturday night where I spent the night at my grandmas. My parents came and picked me up yesterday. I had SO much fun! I didn't wanna leave.

Driving there was AWESOME. I didn't get much sleep the first night because I didn't wanna miss anything. Chicago is really pretty at night. I wish I'd gotten a picture of that. We saw Mount Rushmore and Old Faithful. I liked Wyoming because of all the wildlife. I got pictures of deer, buffalo, and elk. The deer were almost right beside the truck!

We left Wednesday afternoon and arrived at my uncles house in Cali at about 7:30am on Monday morning.

I didn't get to do as much as I wanted to. We went to the mall a couple times, and we went to the San Diego Wildlife Zoo. We also went to Palm Springs to go on the tram ride, but when we got there it was CLOSED so we had to go all the way back!

I bought tons of stuff there. I got my dad this Simpsons talking beer opener, and also a fishing plack to put up at the cottage. I got my mom a popcorn maker and a bottle of vodka. HAHA! And I got my brother a Metallica t-shirt.

My system is all messed up now, from eating and sleeping at weird times. We ate out ALOT. I think I gain 10 pounds while I was there. It feels like it. We went to this awesome place in Erie called Golden Corral. It's a buffet place and it has EVERYTHING. They had pizza, steak, bourbon chicken, roastbeef. I had some steak and pizza. hahaha. We went to Denny's at 11:00 at night for supper. I had something called The Super Bird, which has turkey, swiss cheese, bacon and tomato on sourdough bread. It was the best thing I ever had!!

Oh yeah, before we left I went to the movies with my cousin and my uncle. We saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It was pretty good.

Hmm...what else? Oh yeah, I looked for Jackass stuff while I was down there, and didn't find ANYTHING. They were supposed to have some at Spencers Gifts. So now I'm searching the internet, looking for sites that sell Jackass t-shirts, and will accept money orders. Bahh!

I also bought a couple movies there. I bought Bringing Down the House and Final Destination 2. I'm tired now. I think I'll take a nap.......

Oh yeah! I used FOUR rolls of film on my trip. I took them in today to get them developed. That'll be expensive!

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