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2003-07-22 - 10:17 a.m.
I was too lazy to update yesterday. hehehehe.

Yesterday me, mom, and Chris went to The Mandarin for lunch. The original plan was that I was gonna take my mom out for lunch. I didn't have any cash on me, so I planned on using my bank card. But there was a tiny sign that showed a bankcard with an X through it. That sucked, but they had an ATM machine in the restaurant so I'd just get the money out. Uh...NO! After lunch I went to the machine, swiped my card, punched in my password and waited. The stupid thing FROZE!! So, to make a long story short, my mom ended up paying for lunch. hahaha

I called Shannon on Sunday night. I haven't talked to her for the longest time, and now I'm reminded WHY I stopped talking to her. She's completely brainwashed by her church. (CULT) She's such a goody goody. She acts like shes better than everyone else because she goes to church.

I suggested we get together and go to a movie. I told her, that I didn't want to see a Disney movie since that's all she wants to see. Then she started going on about how she wasn't going to degrade her self by seeing a movie with bad language and whatever in it. ARRGH! I felt like telling her to shut up. But instead I told her that there was nothing wrong with movies like that and that I watch them all the time.

THEN she was like "Where's your integrity?" So this time I did get mad, and told her that I don't care about what movies have in them, I'll watch what I want. Anyways, we've made plans to see Pirates of the Carribean tonight. I'm kinda dreading getting together with her tonight. I swear if she tries to shove that shit down my throat I'll blow up at her.

HAHA! You know what else?? Remember that package she sent me, with the book of mormon? Well she asked me about it on Sunday. She was like "Did you get a package I sent you awhile back?" DAMN! I thought she would have forgotten it. So I kinda avoided it. I told her yeah and that I couldn't remember what happened to it. (I threw it out)

This entry is boring!! I'm still waiting for my Jackass tape to come.

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