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2003-07-15 - 8:39 p.m.
Oh man! This week isn't going well for me, and I have received some news that is downright shocking. I got a call from Karen earlier and she told me that her sister is 2 MONTHS PREGNANT. What the hell?? Christine is only 19. (Same as Karen, she's a triplet) Karen just found out today. The funny thing is that Karen and I are both gonna be aunts because Christine is dating my cousin Chris.

I'm very shocked because well, it's CHRISTINE and I thought she'd never do something like that.

Another funny thing is that I had no idea Chris was my cousin until last summer.

SHEESH! I don't think I can handle anymore surprises this week. Shit. a previous entry I mentioned I was seeing Charlies Angels 2. Well I did, and it SUCKED. The only reason I saw it was because Chris Pontius from Jackass was in it. Speaking of Chris, his birthday is tomorrow!!

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