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2003-06-18 - 5:24 p.m.
I'm tired! I have school tonight, and I don't wanna go! I think we have a test tonight, which I didn't study for. haha.

Last night I saw Dumb and Dumberer. It was pretty funny. It would have been funnier if Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels made a cameo in it. I just realized something. The guy who plays Lloyd in the movie also plays the cocky blonde guy in Not Another Teen Movie. Sweet. He kinda looked like Jim Carrey too.

Mom is going up to the cottage this weekend with her friend Sherry for a girls weekend. I was supposed to go shopping in Toronto with Karen, but now she has to work! Arrgh! So I'm gonna be stuck home with my dad and my brother. Oh yay.

Last night I bought a movie called CKY4. It's got Bam Margera from Jackass in it. Basically the movie is him just screwing around like on Jackass. It's pretty damn funny. Raab Himself pisses on an electric fence. lol. I'm bored.

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