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2003-06-13 - 5:38 p.m.
Hooray! It's the weekend!! I'm so glad because I had suck bad luck today. I kept dropping things left and right. I dropped two cans of soup, a bunch of forks and spoons, an empty milk jug, and a bunch of bowls. When I was taking the cart back to the other room, I hit one of those baby car seats that was lying on the floor and a cup of milk fell off the cart and all over the floor. So I had to get the mop and clean that up.

I thought my day would get better when I went home. But NOOOOOO! I decided to take a different bus home. I got onto the Bayview bus instead of the Painswick thinking it would be faster. Nope. The stupid thing didn't even go back to the terminal! It went on this long route and then right back to where it picked me up! So I got off that bus just in time to catch the Painswick. So I got home at 3:15.

My parents have already gone to the cottage, and my brother is at Corey's. I'm sitting here at the computer doing absolutely nothing. It's fun....

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