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2003-06-07 - 8:05 a.m.
So last night was awesome. We didn't see The Matrix because they were late picking me up. The movie started at 9:45, and that's about when they got to my house. I'm saying "they" because it was Richard and his friend Mike. He couldn't find anyone for Mike, so it was just us three.

Mike is such a funny guy! He was the one doing the driving, and he got lost. We were trying to get downtown, but he went the wrong way. Then he went to turn around and he turned into the wrong lane. And we almost drove to It's a good thing that there were no cars coming. LOL. And we almost drove to Parry Sound. Richard and I were making fun of him.

So, we kept driving around trying to think of things to do. We headed up to the Cineplex to see if there was another showing of The Matrix. There wasn't. So I suggested we go to Yuk Yuk's because we passed it trying to get to the other theater. So that's what we did. It was FUCKING awesome!! There was this one comedian there named Nicki Payne. (I don't know how her name is spelled) Anyway, I'd seen her on TV before and she was hilarious. I'm so I got to see her performing live. There was also this other comedian there named Martha Chavez. She was awesome too.

I was kinda nervous about seeing Richard again. Last time I saw him was in 1996. But let me tell you....DAMN! He's a HOTTIE now! I swear to god! I didn't really get a good look at him in the car because it was so dark. But when we got out of the car and into some light, I thought to myself "WOW!" He's freaking tall too! The first thing he said to me when we saw me in the light was "You're short!"

When they dropped me off I gave Richard a big hug, and a little kiss on the cheek. I'm surprised I did that, because I'm usually so shy and would NEVER do that to anyone. I also gave Mike a hug too. hehehee!

I wanna go back to Yuk Yuk's!! Ooh! Another thing about Yuk Yuk's, Mike is 18 and they never asked him for ID. They didn't even ask him for ID when he ordered a beer, or when I bought a drink! What an awesome place!

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