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2003-06-05 - 6:44 p.m.
Hello everyone! It is time for a REAL update. I haven't written a real entry since the 1st. The reason for this is because my keyboard shorted out because someone *cough*my brother*cough* spilled something on it.

Hmmm...anyway. I went out with Karen on Sunday and saw Wrong Turn. It was stupid. It was just like all the other horror movies. So predictable. Guess what I bought on Sunday??? I bought a Jackass book and Steve-O's Don't Try This At Home Volume 2 DVD. The book is awesome. Steve-O's DVD is STUPID. After watching it, I now think that Steve-O is the biggest asshole in the world.

He was practically on drugs the entire time. At one point in the movie it showed him sniffing cocaine. Some more highlights of this LOVELY movie include:

-Steve-O trashing his hotel room in Hawaii because it had a microwave.

-Steve-O setting some girls chest on fire.

-Steve-O shaving some of his pubic hair off, rolling a joint with it and giving it to some dude to smoke.

-Steve-O taking a shit and throwing it at Preston.

-Drugs, groupies, boobies, lotsa Steve-O's penis. (Which I didn't mind. lol)

Yeah anyway, Steve-O is an idiot. Tomorrow is payday, wheeeeeeee!!

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