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2003-06-01 - 9:22 a.m.
Mom and I went to my grandmas yesterday. It was pretty fun. We all went to some mall in Brampton (I think) and then went to bingo during the evening. It SUCKED! I didn't win anything.

My grandma is so embarrassing. When we were playing bingo, someone got up and was kinda blocking our view of the screen where the numbers are shown. Instead of asking her nicely to move, my grandma told her to "get the hell out of the way" and to "move her fat ass." I was SO embarrassed. The woman just stared at her shocked. Afterwards I told my grandma to apologize, and when she wouldn't I went over to the woman and said sorry. Go me!

I bought lotsa cool stuff yesterday. I bought a nightgown, the Jackass soundtrack, and two movies. The Recruit and White Oleander. White Oleander was an early birthday present for my mom. hehe. Oh yeah, and I also bought a whoopie cushion! HAHA! Hey, it was only a dollar and it's one of those small keychain ones. I brought it to the bingo last night and whenever someone walked past I would squeeze it.

My grandpa is one weird guy. I showed him the whoopee cushion and he was like "Do you know where that came from?" So I was like "no" so he goes, "It came from Whoopi Goldbergs ass." Uhhhh riiiiiiight.

Oh! The Jackass soundtrack I bought is cool because it came with a DVD. The DVD has an Andrew W.K video, a cKy video, trailers, merchandise, and a Partyboy video YAY!

I've gotta get going soon. I'm going to the movies with Karen today. I'm also going to buy Steve-O's DVD. Also, lookie what I found!

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