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2003-05-28 - 9:17 a.m.
Mehhh! I'm so tired. I haven't had very much sleep in the past few days. Have I mentioned how much I love Jackass?? I've watched the movie 30 times, and I've watched volume 2 and 3 about 20 times. I need to get digital cable so I can watch Jackass!!!!

In other Jackass news, Steve-O has been released from jail! This is what it says on

Steve-O Released from Jail

Jackass star Steve-O has been released from a Swedish prison after spending nearly a week under lock and key. The eccentric stuntman was taken into custody last week after he gave a magazine interview claiming to have swallowed a condom full of marijuana before entering the country. When police raided his hotel room they found an ecstasy tablet and 5 grams of marijuana. However, Steve-O - who was released yesterday morning - admitted that the drugs did belong to him and has said that his comments about the sheath full of pot was a joke. The star - real name Steven Glover - apologized for his "bad sense of humor." The prosecution then offered Steve-O a plea bargain in which he was requested to plead guilty to two counts of drug possession and had to pay a fine of $4,248.51. He accepted the offer. Steve-O will now return to his solo tour of Europe where he enthralls audiences with his crazy antics.

I don't have anything else to say. I'll write more later....

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