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2003-05-21 - 3:04 p.m.
I'm so tired :( For some reason I haven't been sleeping well. Last night I did the usual dinner/movie thing with Karen. We went to Applebees and saw Daddy Daycare again. It was good! I've kinda got a little crush on Steve Zahn now. HAHA.

Oh god, my movie obsession is getting out of control! I bought FIVE NEW MOVIES yesterday! I'm so ashamed. I bought Reality Bites, That Thing You Do, Charlies Angels, Hollow Man and Out of Site. Damn it! I need to stop buying movies! I'm running out of money! I've used my bank card alot in the past few weeks. I'm pretty sure I have less than $100 in my bank account.

I NEED money! I'm supposed to be going to the bar Saturday night, but right now I've only got $25 in cash. I'm also seeing Bruce Almighty Saturday afternoon. I'm supposed to be getting paid this week at work.

I have school tonight. Ick!

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