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2003-05-17 - 3:18 p.m.
Well today is kinda boring for me. I went to Zellers this morning and bought underwear. HAHA! What? I NEEDED SOME! After that I kinda walked around the mall checking things out. I decided to be a good sister and buy my brother the movie Jackass which he's been wanting to see for awhile. I also bought the movie Riding In Cars With Boys. I kinda have a thing for Steve Zahn now after watching him in Joyride. lol. And I also bought the movie Drowning Mona.

When I got home me and Chris watched Jackass. It was kinda funny, but some parts were a little disgusting.

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA with Karen to workout. DAMN IT! I don't have workout clothes! Oh well, I'll find something. Then later on tomorrow, Chris and I are going to the drive in since I'll be paying. I still have to clean my closet sometime this weekend, and do laundry tomorrow.

I'm tired.

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