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2003-05-15 - 3:14 p.m.
I wanted to update yesterday, but I had no time! I started my new course last night, and had to leave at 5:30 because I wouldn't have had a ride after that. Chris was working, and my dad went to my grandma and grandpas to cut their lawn. My grandpa can't do it cuz he had surgery remember? Anyway, I got to school at 5:30 and my class didn't start till 6:30. I walked over to the campus bookstore and bought the textbook for the course. After that I went back to class and read a book I'd brought. How boring.

Yeahhhh anyway. I had fun going out for dinner and a movie with Karen Tuesday night. We went to Moose Winooski's, and I had STEAK. I always get steak where ever we eat. We saw Daddy Daycare which was REALLY funny. Karens mom and sister showed up to the movie too, which was cool cuz I got a ride home. Yay! Which meant I was home in time to watch Less Than Perfect, and The Osbournes.

Oh yes, and before you ask I bought 2 more movies. Joy Ride and Grease.

Mom and dad are going to the cottage for the long weekend, I've decided to stay here. I'm gonna be so bored.

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