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2003-05-12 - 5:26 p.m.
Wow! I'm allowed to update! The entry before this is 700! Amazing. I would have written a better entry if some jerk didn't insult me on my own notes page. Jackass.

Anyway, I watched Survivor last night. As did most of the people here. I don't think Jenna should have won. Survivor is fixed. A guy won last time so it had to be a girl. The winners so far have been:

Richard Hatch

Tina Wesson

Ethan Zohn

Vecepia Towery

Brian Heidik

and now Jenna

The winner of the next Survivor will be male. They showed a preview of the new Survivor during the reunion show last night. This time it's gonna be in Panama.

Anyway, enough about Survivor. Tonight is my last class for the Animal Identification and Assessment course. I start the First Aid course on Wednesday. I think we're having a little pizza party tonight.

I'm going out with Karen tomorrow night. We're going to Moose Winooskis for dinner and then we're going to the movies and seeing Daddy Daycare. hehe.

I'm tired.

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