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2003-05-03 - 9:09 p.m.
Today was SO boring. I was SUPPOSED to go to the movies with Karen today. But Karen, being the dumb blonde she is, made other plans because she thought I was going to my grandmas! What the f.u?? I talked to her the night before and told her I WASN'T, and we MADE PLANS for today! Whatever. We're supposed to do something tomorrow. Yeah right, that's pretty damn unlikely. I can't get a hold of her tonight either!

We went to my grandmas today just to stop in and say hello. My aunt Sandra was there with my uncle Shawn and my cousins Ashley and Lindsay. Sandra invited mom and I to go shopping and out for dinner with them, but my mom said no! Dumb ass! She's like, "I don't wanna eat late." Whatever mom, stop being antisocial.

My dad is at a bowling banquet tonight. So it's just me, mom and Chris, and I'm really surprised Chris is still home since he usually goes out.

Oh well. I'm gonna go be bored. Goodnight!

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