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2003-04-26 - 6:53 p.m.
I'm feeling much better now. A little bit tired, but whatever. I had me some chicken noodle soup for supper tonight. Yum.

I found this really funny anti pop site. The person who made it is a freakin' genius! haha! It's a 20 year old guy who made it. Anyway...there are some really funny interviews he made up. Here's a Christina Aguilara interview.

Disclaimer: This interview is a work of fiction; Christina Aguilera was not part of it, but it's fun to pretend she was. A lot of the things in this interview were taken from actual things she has said though, as scary as that may seem.

Interviewer: Hello Christina.

Christina: Hi.

Interviewer: So what's genie in a bottle all about?

Christina: I'm really deep, like an ocean.

Interviewer: Umm, I asked what the song is about.

Christina: Shit, they didn't prepare me for this question... Uhh, it's dope.

Interviewer: It's dope?

Christina: Oh yeah.

Interviewer: What is that supposed to mean?

Christina: It's hot, hot, hot!

Interviewer: Ok, let's forget about that whole thing. So what's going on with you and Jorge?

Christina: Jorge?

Interviewer: Yeah... Your boyfriend...

Christina: Ohh, he's fine!

Interviewer: I heard th--

Christina: He is sooo fine! He puts his hands on me and we f--

Interviewer: ENOUGH!

Christina: Oh, Jorge, oh JORGE!

Interviewer: He's not even here...

Christina: He's up here (points to her head).

Interviewer: What else is up there?

Christina: Umm, uhh, air probably (giggles innocently).

Interviewer: Probably...

Christina: This interview is through, you insulted me!

Interviewer: I haven't said anything.

Christina: (whispers) My record label told me to say that to get out of an interview (giggles).

Interviewer: I guess the secret is out now huh?

Christina: This industry is so all about eye candy.

Interviewer: Wow, profound thoughts, and ones that come out of no where.

Christina: Are you calling me a hooker?

Interviewer: Get a grip.

Christina: (runs out of room).

There's also a really funny Mandy Moore interview.

Disclaimer: This interview is fiction; no one would willingly sit in a room with her.

Interviewer: Welcome Mandy, please take a seat.

Mandy: (Sits down lewdly crossing and uncrossing her legs)

Interviewer: Keep them closed, please?

Mandy: *giggle* I'll give you one more look!

Interviewer: I just ate.

Mandy: You have to buy my new CD, ok?

Interviewer: I will, right after I finish having my lobotomy.

Mandy: Ok! Thanks a million!

Interviewer: You're welcome. So Mandy, a new CD, are you developing a new image to go along with it?

Mandy: Well, I think I've matured so much since my first album that I feel as though I have developed a really rocker style! Rock on!!

Interviewer: Ok?... How did your 'rocker side' come about?

Mandy: Well, I just make my hair extra ratty, and then I do this ugly mohawk type deal like in the "In My Pocket" video.

Interviewer: Wasn't the release of that video the exact same day the vomitting epidemic spread across the nation?

Mandy: *giggle* They couldn't stomach my hotness!

Interviewer: I bet. Anyways, some people are speculating you're going to 'go slut' just like Jessica Simpson did the minute her new single came out?

Mandy: Like, me and Jess, are TOTALLY best friends. I call her ALL the time, but I would never go skank like she did *giggle*

Interviewer: What abo-

Mandy: Oh, and Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera, that's A-G-U-I-L-E-R-A are very slutty!

Interviewer: Ok, wel-

Mandy: They strip on stage and I am too good for that and besides when I tried it once someone threw a brick at me, and then the chairs came hailing down! *giggle* It was crazy!

Interviewer: So how's the video for your new single "Crush" coming along?

Mandy: It's totally all done! It has SO many special effects, like this one where they make me look attractive!

Interviewer: (in shock) That must have cost a lot of money!

Mandy: Yeah, but they said it's worth it. Plus they had me lay down a lot to be really suggestive, so somehow sex will sell my album!

Interviewer: How righteous. So is there anything out there people should know about 'Mandy'?

Mandy: That I really like kinky things! *wink* my number is 565-45-

Interviewer: Run it in the want-ad digest, this isn't the place. So what is your favorite color?

Mandy: Clear!

Interviewer: That's not even a color.

Mandy: Ok, then how about red?

Interviewer: It really doesn't matter to me.

Mandy: Did you know we had monkeys on the set of Crush?

Interviewer: Yeah, I heard you 'dated' them.

Mandy: Maybe even a little more *wink*

Interviewer: Well Mandy, I'm glad you could join me here, but I have to get going.

Mandy: Please don't go?! You're the only one who seems to give a shit about me and what I do!!!

Interviewer: Sorry.

Mandy: (sobbing) Was it something I said?!

Interviewer: (leaves)

Mandy: (puts head in hands and cries)

Can you tell I'm bored??

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