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2003-04-24 - 4:26 p.m.
Today is my dad's birthday! Whoo hoo! Go dad! I didn't get a chance to wish him happy birthday this morning because I wasn't up when he left for work. I bought him the movie Half Past Dead since he likes Steven Segal. My brother bought him another Steven Segal movie called The Foreigner. I think he'll be happy with those movies.

Aghhh! Stressful at work! My boss told me yesterday that the ministry wants me to give the toddlers lunch at 11:20 now! Why? I don't know! Before, I was serving them lunch at 11:45. This was easier because the preschoolers eat their lunch at 12:00. So now, the preschoolers lunch will be sitting on the stove that whole time.

Also, the dishwasher broke yesterday! I was doing a load of dishes when all of a sudden the door popped open by itself. I noticed that a screw was sitting on the door. So Erin had to call Karen and get her to come fix it. Shitty place!

I'm supposed to get my paycheck tomorrow, but I doubt I'll get it on time since I never do. I'm going to the movies with Karen tomorrow night.

AH! I watched the season premiere of The Osbournes on Tuesday night. I found it kinda funny that Sharon was saying that everything was going so well and that she was expecting something to come and knock them on the chin. Then in the next episode she finds that she has cancer. I didn't mean like funny HA HA.

Survivor is on tonight! Yippee!

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