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2003-04-22 - 8:33 p.m.
Sheesh! Finally, I have time to update this silly thing! I've been so busy! I had school last night, yuck. I'm so swamped with school shit. I have 2 assignments due next week, and a test tomorrow night that I barely have time to study for. Oh yeah, and I had a stupid dentist appointment today. I HATE going to the dentist.

The only good thing about today is that The Osbournes is back on tonight! Hooray!

I'm going to Swiss Chalet on Friday with Karen, and we're also going to the movies and seeing Identity.

I got some new movies! I bought Bridget Jones's Diary, Bubble Boy, and the Kids in the Hall Tour of Duty DVD. Still no luck with the Family Guy DVD!

I don't want to work tomorrow!

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