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2003-04-13 - 8:47 a.m.
Whoa! Thanks to everyone who signed my guestbook! Thanks for all the birthday wishes :) I love you all :) what did I get so far? Well yesterday my grandma gave me $20 and my aunt got me a card. My parents bought me a camera, which is exactly what I needed since I'm going to California this summer. My brother hasn't gotten up yet, so I have no idea what I got from him.

Yesterday was fun! Mom and I went to visit my grandma. We went to The Mandarin for lunch. It was AWESOME. After lunch we went to Erin Mills Mall. I didn't buy anything there! After that we went back to my grandmas place and sat around until 6:00, and then went to the bingo. The bingo didn't start until 7:00, but we always go early. We had supper there. I had a hotdog. Yummy. I didn't win ANYTHING! I got down to one number on a few games.

So yeah. I'm supposed to be meeting Karen at the mall at 11:00. Yay! Anger Management!

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