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2003-04-03 - 9:05 p.m.
Ok, so you know how I said yesterday how work SUCKED? Well here's why. I had to cook hamburgers yesterday. My boss usually helps out with them cuz I'm busy cooking the other stuff. Well yesterday she comes in the kitchen and goes "You're gonna have to do the hamburgers yourself since we're short staffed." So I was like "Sure, whatever."

The hamburgers took really long to cook. Especially when you have to cook enough to feel 22 kids. Well I got the toddlers done in time. They usually eat at 11:45. Someone had already grabbed the other stuff I had made for them, so that helped. I got the hamburgers for the preschoolers done at 12:00 which is when they're supposed to eat lunch.

So I had to bust my ass to get all the shit onto the tray. Cups, plates napkins, fruit, etc. NOBODY thought to gather this shit when I was hurrying like hell to cook the burgers?? Yeahhh.

So here is why I think my boss is satan. I'm hurrying to get all this stuff ready and she comes in and goes "Melissa, the kids are REALLY hungry please try to get lunch out on time from now on."

EXCUUUUSE ME?! I was out cooking the fucking burgers! I couldn't leave the burgers to get the other stuff ready!! If I did, the burgers would be over cooked. STUPID BITCH.

I almost LOST it with her. I didn't apologize. Why should I? I was BUSY doing other things!

THEN, if my day wasn't bad enough I remembered I had school. We had a guest speaker who was a grief counsellor who runs this thing for deceased pets. :S This made me upset, because all I could think about was my poor little dog who's sick in the hospital.

She's been in the hospital since Tuesday. They found out it's her pancreas. I think I mentioned that already. But, the vet has been calling to update us and said that she's getting alot better. She had diarrhea today :( She might be able to come home this weekend if she gets better.

Hmmm...whatelse? Oh yes. The SHITTY WEATHER. We had freezing rain today, and the buses were cancelled so Chris didn't have to go to school. Bastard. 10 minutes before I finished work it started raining ice pellets, and didn't stop until after I got home. Now it's snowing and raining ice pellets off and on. This is supposed to last the whole weekend which means mom and I aren't going to my grandmas. She's too chicken to drive. lol.

I hope we get lots of snow and freezing rain. I don't wanna work tomorrow....

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