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2003-04-01 - 6:01 p.m.
Hey peoples! Lots to write about.

Last night, we had a little pizza party at school. Mmmmm pizza *drools*. The whole thing was Skye's idea. She ordered a vegetarian pizza and a pepperoni pizza. They gave us a deal cuz we're college students or whatever. Skye is pretty cool.

We're also doing this fundraiser thing. Also Skye's idea. We're doing it to raise money for the Midland animal shelter and wildlife sanctuary. She came up with an idea called 'The Purrfect Party.' She was gonna try to get one of the bars to let us do it, and charge $5 a person. She was also gonna try and get a few bands to perform. Cool! So everyone in the class is involved.

Oh yeah, and I realized that I will NEVER become a vegetarian. Blech! Pooey! This is because there was some extra pizza left over and Skye asked if anyone wanted some. I said "sure" and she told me it was vegetarian. Ewwww. She said it was reaaaally good. I tried it and it WAS good, you know, after I picked off all the tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, onions etc. So all that was left was sauce and cheese. I NEED meat. It's sooo yummy.

Anyway, I'm rambling on.

I'm kinda upset because my dog Sheena is really sick. She can't hold anything down. Everytime she eats something, it comes back up. She's lost so much weight. So, mom and dad took her to the vet to get her checked out. They're keeping her over night to do x-rays and give her an intravenous. (sp??) Mom said that when the vet took Sheena's temperature, it was very high. If they find something and aren't able to do something about it, she'll have to be put down :(

On a lighter note, Richard might be coming to visit!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! I was talking with him on MSN, and asked if he wanted to do something on my birthday. (Which is next Sunday btw) He couldn't, because he had to work. So, I said how about the 17th. He had stuff to do, but he said he'd try and get out of it! YAY!!!!! I'll get to see Richard again!!

Oh yeah, Karen and I are going to the movies this weekend. We're gonna see Phone Booth.

Another oh yeah, dad probably has to go to Japan this weekend too. Eeeek!

I guess that's all. Nope! I found out that Janine from work got fired! She was only there 3 weeks! Leanne said it was because she was talking on the phone and not looking after the kids. Damn! That place goes through staff quick.

Some Three Stooges 75 anniversary thing is on tonight.

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