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2003-03-16 - 5:34 p.m.
Wow! I can FINALLY write an entry. GRRR.

Yesterday we went to my grandma and grandpas house for their anniversary. It was ok. Not as bad as I was expecting. We surprised my grandma with the gifts we got her and she was just like "Oh." She seemed more interested in the fancy bow that was on top of the one gift.

I love my grandma, but sometimes I want to slap her across the face. She didn't care that it was their anniversary and she kept referring to my grandpa as "That" She said "I don't know how I survived being married to that all these years" HELLO?! He's your husband, try and treat him like a human for once! Of course my grandpa puts up with it all. I don't know why.

We went to the restaurant around 5:00. It was really nice! I ate too much though. They brought out baskets of bread and buns. YUMMY. The buns had cheese in the and they tasted so sweet. It's VERY expensive there! For an appetizer I had the soup of the day. It had beans and sausage in it. For my main meal I had steak, and for dessert I had a piece of chocolate cake. YUM! Chris ordered duck for supper and wasted it. Dummy.

My aunt told me the dates for California! We're going Aug 2-9! Awesome!!

AHH! Guess what? I could have met one of the guys from Lord of the Rings! The guy who plays Pippin was going to be at Karen's brothers college giving a lecture on how to get into acting! We were going to go too! The lecture started at 7:00 so we were going to take a Greyhound bus to Peterborough. The only problem is, the bus to take us back home stops running at 7:45. So we would have been stranded.

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