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2003-03-14 - 3:32 p.m.
Hurray! I can finally add my entry! For the past few days I've been writing about the weirdo emailing me. Yesterday I reported him to Yahoo, and I haven't received anything from him today. So, I'm assuming that the people at Yahoo have dealt with this guy. YAY!

This week at work has been busy since the kids are off school. Yesterday all the kids were hyper for some reason. When I left yesterday, I heard Janine yell so I turned around and I saw that three kids had escaped and were running around in the parking lot! Janine yelled to me "Could you get Gillian!" So I was like "Sure." I found her around the corner, and when she saw me she started laughing and ran the other way.

My work sucks. I swear to god. Remember when I said my boss bitched at me because some of the dishes were put away dirty? Well yesterday morning I had got to work, and went to get something out of the drawer, and noticed a bunch of spoons that had apple sauce on them. I DIDN'T do it! But I bet if my boss saw them she would have blamed me.

Another thing I have a complaint about is the back door. It's iced up, and opens up a crack. HELLO?! Can we say fire hazard?! That's the closest door I have to get outta there!

I DID get my paycheck today though. ON TIME. Yay. The first thing my boss has done right all week.

Damn, and I found out that 2 people quit too! Mandi quit. She's been there since I started. And another girl quit. I forget her name, but she was only there a week!

Enough about work. Tomorrow we're going to my grandma and grandpas house because it's their 50th anniversary. We're taking them out for dinner at this really fancy restaurant. That kinda worries me. I can't see my grandma and grandpa going to a place like that. My grandma is an old wench who complains about everything. So the thing I'm worried about is my grandma embarassing us all.

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