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2003-03-10 - 5:34 p.m.
I start my new class tonight. Who cares. I'm sick of school. All of it. I'm starting to have second thoughts about becoming a veterinarian.

Karen keeps bugging me about when we're leaving for California. She wants to know the EXACT dates. I just told her to book the firt two weeks off from work and she was like "Well I can't do that, cuz if we're not staying for two weeks then it's not fair to other people at work who want holidays." WHO CARES! So I emailed my aunt to ask her and she said we'd either be leaving July 27th or August 3rd.

I was on this DVD easter egg site, and found out there was a hidden thing on my Master of Disguise DVD. Extra bloopers from the featurettes. I watched them and it's really funny!!

I have a confession to make:

Yesterday we went to the flea market and I bought another movie. Gahh! It's called Moving, and it's got Richard Pryor and Dana Carvey in it. DANAAAA! It's actually pretty funny. Dana plays a guy named Brad Williams who is hired to drive the guys car across the country while the family moves to Boise Idaho. Dana's character has a multiple personality disorder. The funniest part was when he was one of the personalities and he was dressed as a woman.

Ok, I'm boring now.

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