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2003-03-08 - 10:27 p.m.
I'm obsessed with "pornolizing" my diary! It's so hilarious! This time I did it to my profile. Here's what it got pornolized to.

I have an obsession with Dana "Hard-on" Carvey. Deal with it.

I'm a sex fighting 19 year old female from Canada. Yes, I DO have an obsession with Dana "Sniff-my-Ass" Carvey. Well COME ON! He's HOT!! I also like Stephen "Motherfucker" King......Oh yeah, raunchs I update more than once a day.

Want more? Tough! Here's more! A convo from a long time ago!

I pecked her to the sucking convo with Melanie, and we fucked to screw with her head.

Harry "Anusapple" Potter assfucks:

i will dripps with her hild on

Melissa says:

lol ok

Harry "Bonebagger" Potter charvers:

ok invite nowww

Harry "Cuntcleaner" Potter asslicks:

LOL sorry

Melissa says:

hehe ok

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ has been sucked to the conversation.

Harry "Son of a whore" Potter raids:


Melissa farts:

I dunno who the wad pulling fuck it is

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ fingerfucks:

hi harry

Harry "Up the Arse" Potter farts:

hullo colin

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ says:

who is colin

Harry "Anusapple" Potter says:

Are you a smacking muggle

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ smoochs:


Harry "Muffdiver" Potter says:


Melissa plows:

Do not be felched to admit it

Harry "Muffminer" Potter says:

do you go to jerks>

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ raunchs:

i am a nice person from red deer

Harry "Assrush" Potter squirts:

red deer?

Harry "Airing the Orchid" Potter cuntlapps:

is that a wizarding school?

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ sucks:

no but i know ron

Melissa thrusts:

You know my cousin?

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ says:

no it s a raunching city in alberta canada

Harry "Fannyfarmer" Potter says:


Melissa gangbangs:


~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ licks:


Melissa creams:


Melissa says:

I've got to call him then

Harry "Fannyfarmer" Potter farts:

so you fancy ron eh?

Melissa says:

We cast a sucking spell on him

Harry "Mistress Shiva" Potter says:

no we did not

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ says:

yes i am bangs cousin

Harry "Jerkoff" Potter fucks:

shut up malfoy

Melissa says:

No, I AM Ron's cousin.

Melissa smacks:

How do you know Ron?

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ says:

i am his cousin

Melissa says:

No, I just said that I WAS.

Harry "Assrush" Potter says:

Do you like my scar

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ balls:

cinthia weasly

Harry "Superdick" Potter says:

do you find it attractive

Harry "Dickwad" Potter spanks:

do you want to marf me?

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ squirts:

yes its sexy

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ says:


Melissa wad pulls:

My scar is bigger.

Harry "Mistress Anal" Potter assfucks:

i knew it

Harry "Bitch" Potter cocksucks:

everyone sex fights to marf the famous harry potter

Harry "The-Champ" Potter bangs:

that being me

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ says:


~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ says:

i know

Harry "Buzzwordbaby" Potter says:

how old are you

Melissa dripps:

Harry "Suck my tits dry" Potter is REAL

Harry "Bust-a-Cunt" Potter says:

am thinking if i can marf you

Harry "Fannyfarmer" Potter deep throats:


~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ says:

i know he is

Melissa raids:

That's the real Harry "Saggysack" Potter you're ballbusting to

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ smacks:


Harry "Bonebagger" Potter says:


Harry "Mistress Shiva" Potter screws:

that is old

Harry "Pimp Mastah" Potter says:

will you be ok being blowed? you might die

~*~ SWEET THANG ~*~ has left the conversation.

Melissa says:


Melissa says:

I'll invite her back

Melissa deep throats:

Shit she logged off

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