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2003-03-07 - 8:10 p.m.
Man oh man! I found this site that can pornolize a website! Sound weird? Yeah it is. All ya do is type in a website and it puts filthy words on it. I did it to my diary and it was hilarious! Here's one of the entries I pornolized:

2003-02-13 - 6:48 p.m.

BOO! Valentines "Fill me up" Day is tomorrow. I hate it. It's for cuntlicks only, and charvers all the single people feel shitty about not having a significant other. Charvers got two bouquets of flowers from her boyfriend today, and my mom got a banging two assfucked bears on a fistfucking chair from my dad. GRRRRRR.

LMAO! See what I mean?? Anyway, now for the real entry. Karen and I went to the travel agency to ask about the Florida trip. It's gonna be SO expensive!! the woman said the cheapest trip would be $1,039 thats for air and hotel. But by the time we buy the passes for Disneyland or whatever, food, etc, it'll probably be over two grand. So, we've decided not to go to Florida.

We're thinking of California instead. My uncle lives there, so all we'd have to pay for is the flight. I called my aunt tonight to tell her. She said that my uncle is coming down for a few weeks in the summer anyway since he has three weeks off. I'm supposed to call and convince him to go back to California for the third week. I'm gonna call him tomorrow at 9:00am our time which is 6:00am his time. That way I'll get him.

We went to Applebees for supper. It was GOOD. But VERY filling. I ordered cheese sticks as an apetizer, and then I had steak for the meal. After dinner, we went to the mall to look around and decided to go to Dairy Queen for dessert. I felt so uncomfortable after that. Blah. I'm starting to feel very tired now.

I bought a few movies from the Hock Shop. I shouldn't have. I bought The Truth About Cats and Dogs and SNL The Best of Robin Williams. It has Dana in it! hehe. Wanna see another entry pornolized?

2003-02-12 - 3:10 p.m.

The weather is shitty again. They cancelled all the plowing school farts, so Chris didn't have to go to school today. I had to go to work. It was boring. I made tuna casserole. Gross.

I started screwing Halloween 2 last night because it said somewhere that Dana was in it. I saw him!! He IS in it! He doesn't have any thrusts, all he does is stand there and nod. lmao. I haven't titty fucked the balling movie all the way through so I'm not sure if he's in anymore parts....

I have an essay due for my course this coming Monday and I haven't even blowed it yet!!

Here's the site to pornolize a site.

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