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2003-03-03 - 4:23 p.m.
What the hell is with these random people emailing me?? Some guy emailed me because he saw my hotmail profile. It's creepy when random people email me! Here's the email.

Hey, My name is James. I am in the Canadian Reserves, I do not especially like

to enjoy being in it but I am in it for the experience and something to make out

of my career life. I still do attend high school, I am finishing up my OACs. I

am 18, Living in Barrie Ontario Canada and what high school I am finishing at is

Barrie North Collegiate. I admitt to being mostly of all sincre in life because,

lieing gets one no where and if the truth is told, I have nothing to fear of my

past nor be ashamed of. I have dated a few people and things didnt turn out for

the better but I learned a great deal out of it, Never to stop being who you are

on the cause of honesty. I dont mean I wasnt myself, I just wasn't taking the

right chances or risks in life. Some I am glad I didnt, Others I am glad I did

but only for the memory of spending a great moment in time to who I have dated.

But I guess you can say I am too much of a gentleman when it heartly counts.

Well if you are reading this and wish to reply please do and dont be afraid to

ask me anything. If you are reading this and dont wish to reply but to add me to

your MSN please do. If you are reading this and dont want response back or I

dont share any intrests with you. I understand, or that you hardly ever check

your e-mails.

Well anywho talk to you later.


Uh......riiiiiight. Well at least it wasn't that weird guy who sent me the Mr. Bean picture.


I found this site that has a cartoon on it called Animal Hospital, and DANA does the voices of a few characters. Awesome!

Also, Karen called me up this afternoon and asked if I wanted to go to Florida this summer. I gotta ask my mom and dad. That would be so cool if they said yes.

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