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2003-03-01 - 8:01 p.m.
I'm so tired! I didn't get much sleep last night because I was mostly worried about my project that's due on Wednesday. I have to present it IN FRONT OF THE CLASS. I HATE that. I'm waaay too shy to do that.

Anyway, I had a long and busy day. I was supposed to meet Karen at the mall at 1:00. I left at 10:00 because I needed to go to the library and get a new library card, and also get a video for my project.

I walked to the bus terminal from the library. I stopped off at the used bookstore downtown and bought 4 new Stephen King books. Well, not NEW books. I meant ones that I don't have. I bought Thinner, Roadwork, Rose Madder, and The Long Walk.

After that, I took the bus up to the Georgian Mall to kill some time. I spent probably half and hour there and then went to the Bayfield mall.

It was about 12:00, so I decided to have lunch. I got Tokyo Teryiaki again. haha, the guy working there recognized me from last weekend.

After lunch I walked around and went to a few stores. They have these chairs at the mall that you can sit in and they massage you. I decided to try it out. It cost two dollars, but whatever. Anyway, those chairs HURT LIKE HELL!! It wasn't relaxing, it made me so uncomfortable.

After Karen got to the mall, we went to the dollar store and bought our snacks. We both bought a bag of salt and vinegar chips, a few chocolate eggs, a crunch bar and a drink. We managed to sneak all of it in. hehehe.

We saw the movie Daredevil, which was pretty good. Did anyone notice that Kevin Smith, aka Silent Bob had a small cameo in it? I was like "YEAH SILENT BOB!"

Before the movie started, this woman came in with her son. She had bought nachos and cheese, and she said to us "Are these supposed to be hot?" So we said yeah. So this woman wanted to get a refund or whatever and she was like "Will you watch my son for me while I take this back?" Um...sure.

Hello?? We aren't there to babysit.

Then later on in the movie, the kid started crying because of the violence. So the woman left with her kid. Hello part two!! Why would you take a young child to see a movie with violence in it? Idiot.

After the movie we went to Applebees for supper. I had an oreo milkshake, steak with garlic mashed potatoes and a piece of garlic bread. Karen had these chicken wrap things. HAHA! Karen is so cheap! She only tipped the waitress a dollar. lol. I'm an idiot. I didn't know how much to tip so I left five dollars. Karen was like "Can I put my money with yours?" I couldn't help laughing. hehehe.

After supper we went to the Kozlov mall cuz I wanted to find a poster of Bullseye from Daredevil. Played by Colin Farrell. Yummy. But I couldn't find any. So I bought a poster of Vin Diesel instead. Yummy again. I also bought the movie Stealing Harvard.

I really think someone should slap me so I don't buy anymore movies.

Anyway, I'm home now, and very tired. Tomorrow I have to work on my stupid project.

I think I'll go watch a movie. I'm thinking Trapped in Paradise, or Stealing Harvard.

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