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2003-02-28 - 3:38 p.m.
I ALWAYS forget to mention something in previous entries! Yesterday I forgot to mention that it was my parents 21st wedding anniversary! Yahoo! Go parents! lol.

Today wasn't much better than yesterday. In fact today completely SUCKED. My boss gave me this stupid piece of paper saying that I'm not doing my job properly. Apparently she found like 2 dishes with a bit of food stuck to them.

The dishwasher is the kitchen is a piece of SHIT. It barely cleans anything.

I didn't get my goddamn check today either. My boss WAS there today. 10 minutes before I was about to leave I came in to see if she had my check ready. She was like "Ohh, I haven't made them up yet, I'll start that at 2:00." THAT'S WHEN I LEAVE YOU IDIOT!

So at 2:00 I waited around, very patiently I might add. She fucked around in her office and didn't do shit. I waited a bit longer, still she didn't do anything. So finally I was like "screw it, I'm not waiting around"

I said to Erin "I didn't get my check but whatever, if I wait any longer I'm gonna miss my bus."

So she was like "Ok, I'll tell Karen to give it to you monday."

I am so sick and tired of that place. My boss is so damn lazy, and so are the other girls there.

The other day a kid named Ryan spilled his milk. Kerry sat there like a damn moron and didn't do ANYTHING. So I got paper towel for him to clean up the milk. Kerry was like, "Thanks Melissa, I was pretending I was on a tropical island."

ARGH! I think I have PMS or something. Sorry for ranting....

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