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2003-02-22 - 5:30 p.m.
The past few days, we've been having some good weather! It was actually warm! WHAT HAPPENED?! We're getting pounded by snow today! The people on the radio are saying 20 to 30 cm by the end of the weekend. BLAH!

Anyway, there was a change of plans today. Originally Karen and I were gonna meet at the Georgian Mall at 12:00, go shopping till about 4:00, walk to the Kozlov Mall and have supper at the Mongolian Grill and then after see a movie.

Instead, we met at the Bayfield Mall at 11:00, had lunch, and saw a movie. We saw The Recruit, which was pretty good. After the movie we decided to go up to the Georgian Mall to look around. I slipped and fell AGAIN! This time I smacked my knees on the ground. DAMN HELL SHIT! lol.

Oooh! I finally bought The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD! I also bought the movie Blue Streak. I'm gonna have to slow downon the movies. Out of the 4 I bought at that stupid pawn shop, I still haven't watched Chill Factor. And I still haven't watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Chris and dad are going to a hockey game tonight.

Oh yeah, and I can't help staring at the picture of Dana that's part of my layout. He looks so hot in black and white. hehehee

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