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2003-02-18 - 7:32 p.m.
Most of my day sucked. This morning my bus was late, so when it finally got to the terminal I had missed the Painswick bus and had to wait half an hour for it. To kill time I went to the pawn shop to look around. I ended up buying some movies from there. I bought Office Space, Chill Factor, Multiplicity, and Masterminds. I couldn't help it! I like movies!

Anyway, I had an embarassing moment when I was getting off the Painswick bus across from my work. I stepped off the bus, and slipped on some ice and landed on my ass. Smart move!! The bus driver laughed at me.

I wasn't really that impressed with Joe Millionaire last night. First of all I had to tape it because I was going to school. I got home 10 minutes before it ended and I SWORE I wouldn't watch it because I was taping it. But I couldn't resist. I tuned in just in time to see Evan and Zora dancing. Whoopdee doo. I ruined it for myself. I decided to watch what I had taped anyway.

I fast forwarded through most of it. I don't care about the other girls. Heidi is a whore and her boyfriend is an asshole. He allowed her to go on the show? Yeah buddy, nice move. What would you have done if she did get picked? And why the hell did they bring Melissa M back? You didn't get picked! Get over it! There's no need for you to still be in that chateau.

I'm done.

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