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2003-02-14 - 3:08 p.m.
Last night's Survivor pissed me off big time. I'm happy that it was female VS male, but I hate that the males acted like such pigs! They acted SO macho, they were like "Yeah I bet those women are crying because they can't get a fire going!" Then they were all like "We're going to win the challenge!"

Well guess what? They got clobbered BIG TIME. The WOMEN won the immunity challenge, and the poor little men had to go to tribal council. HA! Serves you bastards right. Although, I think the rocket scientist from the mens team is pretty hot.

Anyway, today is Valentines day. Whoop de doo. I'm sort of loved today. My parents got me a box of chocolate and I got a valentine card from Lee Anne and Mandi.

Tomorrow mom and I are driving down to Milton to visit my grandma, grandpa and aunt.

Oh yeah, and today was payday. But once again my goddamn boss left and I didn't get paid.

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