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2003-02-05 - 3:23 p.m.
I had a day off yesterday because of the weather. Today I had to go to work. It was STORMING when I left, but the daycare remained open anyway. Chris didn't have to go to school. The Oro busses were cancelled but not the Barrie ones, and he argued with my mom all this morning about how nobody would be there. My mom made him go to school but he called as soon as he got there, and said he was going to Corey's.

The weather has cleared up, but my class is cancelled tonight. I was actually looking forward to it tonight because there were 2 guest speakers coming in and one of them was bringing animals in.

I'm going to the movies with Karen this weekend. We're going to see Final Destination 2.

Oh yeah, and I STILL haven't gotten my paycheck that I was supposed to get on Friday! I'm pissed!

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