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2003-02-04 - 11:09 a.m.
Class SHOULD have been cancelled last night, but it wasn't! That sucked. While class was going on, the freezing rain came. The teacher let us leave early. The parking lot was a skating rink. Oh joy. Just trying to WALK across it was a challenge. I almost slipped on my ass a few times. This really hot guy drove up and was like "Be careful! It's pretty slippery." lol. He wanted to know whether or not the building I just came out of was the 'A' building. I told him it was.

I wasn't sure how the hell I was gonna get home. Chris wasn't gonna drive me, and Gail and Tanya had already left. My teacher said she'd drive me, but at that moment Chris called my cell and said that dad would be coming to get me. He goes bowling every Monday and just happened to get off early.

Anywayyyy....everything is shut down. None of the school buses are running and most of the schools are closed down. I don't have to go to work today!! Yayyy!

Did anyone watch Joe Millionaire last night? That's such a great show. I can't believe I watch crap like that. haha.

Does anyone watch Alias???? THAT is one good show! I taped last weeks episode, and finally got around to watching it. DUDE!! I can't explain this ONE episode, because I'd have to tell you about the rest of them.

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