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2003-01-28 - 3:02 p.m.
Whooooo! I bought Master of Disguise today! Nothing much went on at work today. LeAnne spoke with my boss Karen yesterday about the situation with the missing money. She told me that I needed to talk with Karen. So I did. You know what she suggested? Put my purse in the cupboard. That's so stupid! There's a cupboard above the fridge that you have to use a chair to reach. She said nobody would get at it there. But knowing me, I'll forget where it is! I kept a close eye on my purse today. I hid it behind big cans of apple juice, and occasionally took it out to check if anything was missing.

You know the funny thing is? Kerry, the one who was in that room the whole day yesterday, never said ONE WORD to me when I told Tanyss and Erin about my purse.


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