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2003-01-27 - 4:23 p.m.
I gotta go to school tonight. We're going on field trips tonight and Wednesday. Tonight we're going to the humane society here in Barrie. Wednesday we're going to the one in Midland. I have no way to get there. I'll see if Gail can drive me.

I'm very angry right now. Someone at work keeps stealing money from my purse. Friday I came to work with $20 in my wallet. Sunday I was going to the mall so while I was waiting for the bus I went to get my bus pass out and the money was missing. Today I had $5 in my wallet. At the end of the day I checked and yep it was missing!

What the hell?! What is wrong with them?? I don't know who did it, but they are all guilty. I keep my purse on top of the fridge in the kitchen. I was in the kitchen for most of the day. Everyone goes in the kitchen for some reason. To get bottles of milk for the kids, to heat up their lunch etc. Kerry had a group of kids in there today. I KNOW the kids cannot reach that high.

Mom called today! I talked with her for a few minutes. So that's cool.

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