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2003-01-23 - 6:51 p.m.
Last night was a bit stressful for me. I started the second part of my animal course at the college last night. I was almost freaking out. I walked in and saw 5 familiar faces!! All from the previous course! Yesss!! One was Gail, and the other was Tanya. They were the two who I got along with really well. AND it was the same teacher!! Cool!

Also, we got in sort of a car accident last night. YIKES. I got Chris to come pick me up last night after my class had ended. The roads were VERY slippery! Chris had JUST finished saying that he had to be careful since it was so slippery. We had gotten to the stop sign and when he tried to stop, the car just skidded and hit the guy in front of us! We had to pull into the highschool parking lot and had to work out all the stuff with the guy. We called my dad, he came because Chris didn't know where something was. But he got it all straightened out. (I hope)

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