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2003-01-16 - 5:23 p.m.
I know I said yesterday morning that would write another entry, I couldn't think of anything to say. Today was interesting. I got a headache from all the kids screaming.

There's a kid there named Kamal and he throws the WORST temper tantrums! Tanyss told him to hang his stuff up on the hook, but he wouldn't, so Tanyss told him that she was gonna put it in the lost and found box. That did it. Kamal started SCREAMING and crying! He did that for awhile. Tanyss wrote a note to his mom, and while she was writing it Kamal threatened to break both her arms so she couldn't write the rest of the note! This kid is 4!

Then later, Angel had an "accident" She started freaking out! Kerry had to put a diaper on her because Angel didn't have a change of clothes. She was still screaming when I left to go home.

In OTHER news, I found another movie to add to my Dana Carvey collection!! Yesss!! It's called The Shot, Dana has a cameo appearance in it. Yippee! I watched the movie when I got home, it sucks, but I'll watch Dana's part over again.

I am bored!

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