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2003-01-14 - 3:15 p.m.
Not very much to say today. I watched Joe Millionaire last night. Man, that show is so funny. It's going to be hilarious when he finally tells the woman he picks that he's NOT a millionaire.

Turns out that one of the women already HAD a boyfriend. I think her name was Heidi. She wasn't in Evans final 5. Good! I hated her anyway. It was funny because when she realized she didn't get picked, she was like "Whatever!" Then later on, she was being a brat and just sitting in the hallway while the butler dude was looking for her bags. Stupid whore!

The funniest part was when she was putting her magnificent French skills to work. LMAO. She was speaking French and they put the subtitles up on the screen and it translated to something like "Me no happy" and there was also something she was saying about her suitcase and said bread or something. LOL


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