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2003-01-12 - 1:50 p.m.
It's finally stopped snowing! We got TONS of snow over the past few days. It's crazy.

Well last night I saw "Just Married" with Karen. It was funny. I got to the mall at 3:00 and looked around for a bit. Karen met me at the mall at 3:30, and we had an early supper since neither of us ate lunch. We both had Chinese food. Yummy! We walked across the street to WalMart and looked around a bit there. Then we went to the Kozlov Mall.

I went to VideoTime and bought a few movies. Saturday Night Live: The Best of Mike Myers (Dana's in it!!) and Tough Guys (another movie that Dana is in!) haha. I'm so crazy about Dana Carvey. I taped Tough Guys on Friday night and it was just a coincidence that I found it at the videostore.

We were supposed to see LOTR again today, but we decided to go next weekend instead.

Wayne's World 2 was on last night! I was home in time to watch it. Cool.

Shutting up now!!

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