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2003-01-10 - 3:33 p.m.
Today was very stressful!! That guy from the health place came to watch me cook the food. He made me so nervous! He was practically breathing down my neck the whole time! He kept saying to me "Don't mind me, just do what you normally do." UGH!! I just felt like telling him "Back off! Just get the hell out of the kitchen!"

After he was finished he went to talk to my boss, I just felt so stressed out I went to the bathroom and cried for 10 minutes. Everything turned out fine though. But I'm so tired from all of this.

I found out the movie Tough Guys is on tonight. I'm watching it simply because Dana is supposed to be in it. Although I'm not sure how big his part is in the movie. I taped This Is Spinal Tap because he was in it and he was only in it for a total of 5 seconds. lol. Spinal Tap was actually pretty good.

Am I obsessing too much?

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