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2003-01-06 - 3:10 p.m.
I got a BIG shock last night! I got a call from SHANNON. My brother was on the phone talking to our cousin James, and he was like "Mel, I think Shannon is on the other line." At first I was like "Mehhh" but it was actually cool to hear from her. She asked if I got the Christmas card she sent me, luckily she didn't ask about the package.

I'm so dumb!! On December 29th I bought the movie Opportunity Knocks starring Dana Carvey, and I forgot about it!! I was looking for a movie to watch last night and I opened the cupboard of my TV stand and there it was!! Shit!! I should be shot for forgetting about a Dana Carvey movie!

But anyway, I watched it last night, and it surprised me! Why? Well because I had taped it off the TV before and when I watched the actual video there was a whole bunch of scenes that was cut out of the TV version!! They had to edit it for time I guess. But it was awesome!!

I watched part of Moulin Rouge when I was at my grandmas house yesterday. They have satellite. Honestly, I don't know WHAT the big deal was about this movie. I watched about 45 minutes of it, and just couldn't get into it. Kylie Minogue as some fairy? Riight. Maybe I need to rent it and watch the whole thing....

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