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2002-12-29 - 12:23 p.m.
DAMN IT!!!!!!! I pressed something by accident and erased my whole entry. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN. I'm not writing it all out again. Here it is in short form.

- I bought the new Red Hot Chili Peppers CD at HMV while waiting for Karen. I also bought Sim Theme Park for Playstation.

- I also bought Run Lola Run for my brother since he's been looking for it for a while. He owes me.

- LOTR was VERY good. I sat near this weird guy who was talking to himself. He scared me.

- I went out for breakfast with parents. I am full.

- Went to Canadian Tire after and bought the movie Opportunity Knocks starring my Dana. hehehehe. I also bought Naked Gun 2 1/2. Leslie Nielsen is cool.

-Karen is coming over New Years eve


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