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2002-12-27 - 9:02 a.m.
Good morning everyone! I hope your Christmas was as good as mine. I seem to have a really bad head cold right now. I got an ear ache on Christmas day, and yesterday I could barely swallow. I had to keep taking Advil Cold and Sinus. Yesterday was the day we went to my grandmas house. I got lotsa money, and more scratch tickets. I won about $9! We decided to go to the Milton mall. My mom wanted to go to Zellers to buy wrapping paper, so my sister and I went into the mall to shop.

By then, the Advil had worn off so my sister was like "Mel, I swear to god you have to get Buckleys!" So she dragged me to Shoppers Drugmart and bought me a bottle. Then she was like "Here, take a swig of this!" So I did, and it tasted HORRIBLE!!!!!! The commercial was right. "Tastes awful but it works." I cannot even begin to describe to you the taste of this crap! EWW! Unfortunately it DIDN'T work on me. Blah!!

Our cable FINALLY came back on this morning. It went out at around 2pm on Christmas day. So all we could do is watch movies. My grandma is lending me Bridget Jones' Diary. lol.

Guess whaaaat?? I called Richard on Wednesday!!! He seemed really happy to hear from me! He told me he got Leafs tickets for Christmas. We're trying to plan something out so we can get together. I haven't seen him since 1996. I suggested New Years Eve, but it all depends on whether or not he's working.

Karen called last night and we've made plans to see The Two Towers tomorrow. She's working at the haircutting place across from the Georgian mall, so we're gonna meet at the mall at 4:30. That way I can bring my gift certificates! The movie starts at 7:00.

Hmm....what else? Nothing I guess. lol

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